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Who is The Maharba?


My name is Abraham Terán, fphilosopher from administration and management, I have decided to create a channel where I can share knowledge, business and personal growth strategies, in this new era that is approaching. 

The fourth industrial revolution is the most disruptive advance we have witnessed in all of human history. Everything will change, from the way we relate to our most basic needs. It does not matter if you manage to visualize the changes or not, it will reach you without a doubt.

I am creator-founder of various companies, promoter of ideas, editor, strategist, expert marketer in creating personal and commercial brands. Bachelor of Business Administration and father of a family.

Accompany me in this blog where we will address all branches of human knowledge, we will analyze all the new political currents, we will delve into the fascinating world to come through research and truth._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

There are so many changes that are being generated worldwide that it is difficult to shape them, assimilate them, absorb them until they create a mass of useful knowledge. This Blog is, therefore, a method to give shape and substance to this avalanche of technological, social, political and business advances. It is a small light within so much chaos.

Welcome Disruptives

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